Supply chain efficiency as an engine for development

The Market

The automotive industry is probably one of the most complex in terms of managing customer requirements as increasing competition leads to a greater need for optimised production costs.
Components used within machines must therefore deliver clear advantages in terms of faster production cycles, increased efficiency and reliability.
It is against this background that suppliers increasingly become like partners with the ability to provide solutions to meet the individual needs of each client.


Future increases in efficiency will only be achieved by integrating and optimising the latest technologies to produce components that are used in every stage of the production process.
The automotive industry is characterised by its demand for reliable solutions that increase productivity, whilst also maintaining flexibility and quality.
The precision and execution speed of the systems used can create a real competitive advantage for companies in the automotive sector and this is all possible whilst maintaining the safety of the machine operators both during production and maintenance phases.


Camozzi is constantly investing in the development of mechatronic solutions with integrated sensors and diagnostics to ensure system optimisation.
The complete range of control components, from single valves to valve islands, are designed to interface with the main communication protocols to guarantee high performance levels at all times. At the same time, C-Truck fittings for braking systems offer the very highest levels of reliability. Every solution is realised in accordance with the stringent regulations which govern the automotive sector.