Life Science

Life Science

The Market

The medical products industry, the so called ‘health products industry’ is one of the world economy’s most vital and dynamic sectors.
Revenues from sales of these products were estimated at $290 Billion in 2009 and with predicted annual increases in excess of 7% this is estimated to rise to $490 Billion in 2016.This is a market where technology is constantly evolving as the demand for more efficient and sophisticated medical machinery continues to grow.
Sales of components and devices for the ‘life sciences’ market, which includes bioinstrumentation, dental units, hospital equipment, clinical dentistry equipment, chromatography, molecular analysis, biopharma and oxygen therapy are estimated to grow to in excess of $7 Billion in 2016 with the next wave of growth coming from China, Brazil and India.
Medical equipment requires fluid control components which use highly innovative technologies such as microfluidics, the market for which has grown by more than 20% over the last 5 years.


The life sciences industry requires solenoid valves that are not limited to simple on/off control but which are able to offer a proportional function.
Many new components and devices will appear to meet the needs of customers with specific applications and sometimes these will be revolutionary when compared to existing systems. Component reliability will remain crucial due to the nature of the field in which they operate.
These new integrated systems will also increasingly encompass the principals of fluid dynamics, electronics, chemistry, physics and micromechanics.


The introduction of new miniaturised components and solenoid valves enables extremely compact customised solutions to be offered.
Camozzi are able to do this using many different types of materials so the solenoid valves are compatible with almost any kind of liquid or gaseous liquid.
The Camozzi Research Centre (CRC) continues to study new areas in order to offer more innovative solenoid valves which ensure better performance.