Woodworking Machinery

Woodworking Machinery

Wood. An essential material

The Market

Wood is essential with its characteristics making it one of the most commonly used materials on the planet. In Italy, wood is considered to be fundamentally important to the economy as it is exported all around the world.
Today the need for eco-sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions has led to an increased demand for recycled wood products such as fibre panels (chipboard). 
The ever present and growing demand for wood leads to further requirements for woodworking machinery and this is particularly true in China, India, Brazil and large parts of Europe.


Woodworking machinery is typically highly automated, however, additional advances are focusing on further cost optimisation and time savings.
This is a highly competitive industry where solutions are often subjected to continuous work cycles which means reliability is of the utmost importance.
To date machinery manufacturers have made conflicting decisions as in some scenarios the communication systems with serial modules are integrated in valve islands to optimise handling and reduce the complexity of wiring. In other scenarios, cost optimisation has been key and here individual control valves have been preferred.


Machines designed to process wood are constantly evolving as new technological advances are made. Speed has become a key factor for these machines as they can typically perform multiple operations.
Camozzi has a historical presence in the sector and has close relationships with many of the market leaders. A wide range of flexible solutions are available with reduced dimensions and simplified wiring that also benefit from the use of preassembled panels.